Tuesday February 20 , 2018

Jackson Oil Co.

Our innovative 24/7 Cardlock Fueling System offers ethanol-free unleaded gasoline, both on-road and off-road diesel, to businesses and individuals. Our well-lit location is monitored continuously by recording security cameras. Each account can be set up to have their keyholders enter mileage, PIN numbers, employee ID numbers, any combination, or nothing at all. The detailed billing, showing date, time, quantity and fuel type does away with multiple individual receipts. Twice-monthly billing ensures the lowest possible average for a more competitive price.

Cardlock Fueling Island Benefits

  • Guaranteed No-Ethanol gasoline, on-road diesel and off-road diesel available 24/7 with well-lit access.
  • Security cameras recording all activity.
  • Convenient twice monthly billing with detailed information for each transaction showing date, time, type and amount of fuel purchased.
  • EFT/ACH debit from your financial institution to save you time and ensure you never miss a discount or a payment!

Your choice:

  • draft in 10 days with a 2 cents/gallon discount automatically applied
  • draft in 15 days for full amount

Cards/keys can be set up to include:

  • driver name/number
  • vehicle name/number
  • odometer reading
  • personal PIN number
  • or any combination of these items

Cardlock Pricing

 Effective 10- 31-2013 10 Day EFT 15 Day EFT
Conv NL $3.219 $3.239
Clear DSL $3.649 $3.669
Dyed DSL $3.219 $3.239
Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to serving your fueling needs!

Online Forms

Please fill out these forms, sign, print and return to Jackson Oil Co. You may also email the completed portion of the form and come in and sign the form in person.

JOC Cardlock Credit Application

JOC Cardlock EFT Form

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